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ext3 and 2.4.x kernels

Dear list readers -

it was brought to my attention that during the upgrade of a server to rh7.2,

and selecting the ext3 migration works well with 1 exception that i need

verified if i could please. i heard that once you migrate to ext3, you may

no longer do a kernel upgrade without downgrading to ext2 and then putting

the kernel or AC kernel in place 'patched'. What i need to know is, once

migrated, are we no longer able to use RPM to upgrade the kernel and still

have ext3 work, as in no kernel panics on reboot?

If thats the case, then i think i will downgrade to ext2, but my next

question then becomes, how to do this within tune2fs??

thanks for any insights into this issue.

Michael B. Weiner, Linux+, Linux+ SME

Senior Systems Administrator/WebOps

Systems & Technology Department


Three American Road, Cleveland, OH 44144

Phone: 216.889.5028

E-mail: mweiner americangreetings com

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