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Re: Ext3 partition not appearing in df output

> Im my opinion, mount(8) *should* take care of resolving "auto"

Perhaps, I am not convinced.
Mount has only one real job, that of passing user-specified
parameters to the kernel.

For lazy people some friendliness is built-in, but it is
friendliness that is not guaranteed to work - it is pure
guesswork. Basically an auto mount tries all known filesystem
types in random order until one succeeds. But the call that
succeeds need not at all be "right" - often it is fat or so,
just because the kernel fat filesystem code has so little checking.

So, you cannot maintain that mount "*should*" do any guesswork.
At most that it would be nice. And even there I do not agree.
More and more people do not realize that the guesswork is
guesswork and report a bug if the guess is wrong.
But it is impossible to guess right.

> maintainter of mount?  Is it currently Andreis or not?

Not precisely, but close :-)


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