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Re: Ext3 partition not appearing in df output

On Oct 29, 2001  18:51 -0500, Theodore Tso wrote:
> Well, the question though is *who* should be doing this kind of
> automatic kind of stuff, such as trying to select between ext2 and
> ext3.  If you look at it from a big-picture perspective, I suspect
> mount may be a better place to put it than some other alternatives,
> even if this means that we need to make mount "smarter", or contain
> more filesystem specific gunk.  (For example, some operating systems
> actually have mount be a dispatch wrapper program like fsck, and all
> of the filesystem-specific options parsing code for NFS, etc., are
> contained in fs-specific programs: mount.nfs, mount.ufs, etc.)

Well, this would be handled perfectly well with the libblkid (which is
exactly what it is written to do).  I have just been too lazy to submit
it to you, and too lazy to move over mount to use it.  Partly the
laziness is because I want to do the mount conversion before the
submission so that I know the API is good, and that I have added support
for enough "features" to do all the identification that the dozens
of fs types that mount recognizes.

> But it may be that the *right* answer is to let mount be more
> intelligent.  And if the issue is that the mount maintainer doesn't
> want to have the fs-specific code, perhaps the right answer is to have
> mount use /sbin/mount.<fstype> if it exists, and then I can distribute
> a mount.ext3 and mount.ext2 which is smart enough to do the right
> thing along with e2fsprogs.  That way we don't have to keep the
> filesystem specific knowledge inside the mount program, but we still
> have something which is relatively clean yet still adequately
> functional for the user.

I agree.  I am currently at my US office, so it is a good time for
me to work on this - lots of evenings uninterrupted by childcare ;-).

Cheers, Andreas
Andreas Dilger

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