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Re: Ext3 partition not appearing in df output

On Tue, Oct 30, 2001 at 11:30:23AM +0000, Andries Brouwer cwi nl wrote:
> Ted, it seems that you do not understand the problem.
> The problem is that if I give you a binary mess, you cannot decide
> with certainty what type of filesystem this is supposed to be.
> You can only invent some more or less successful heuristics.

Actually, what I wanted was to be able to be able to put ext3 in the
fstab, and have mount fall back to ext2 if the kernel doesn't support
ext3.   One could imagine doing similar things with VFAT/FAT, etc.  

You responded that you didn't want to put this kind of filesystem
specific code in mount.  So that's why I suggested having mount exec
/sbin/mount.ext3, in which case I could provide the code which does
the automatic fallback.  

I agree that having this kind of fallback is somewhat ugly, but having
mount (or some program which mount execs) do this fallback is cleaner
than running a sed script over /etc/fstab.  From a usaubility point of
view, this kind of functionality really is important.  The only
question is where and how do we implement it.

							- Ted

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