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Re: Ext3 partition not appearing in df output

On Tue, Oct 30, 2001 at 11:36:17AM +0000, Andries Brouwer cwi nl wrote:
> > you could just have it dispatch to the right version of /sbin/mount.*
> > by looking at the type information in /etc/fstab
> Yes, I already thought that you were not understanding the issue.
> This discussion started appearing in my mailbox because
> someone wrote "auto" in fstab and wanted mount to do something.

Well, "auto" was used because there was no other way of doing what
users want to do, which is to get the automatic ext3/ext2 fallback

And my suggestion of making /sbin/mount.auto handle hueristics was
because that way Andreas Dilger's liblkid library could handle all of
these huersitcs in a common way, which might be best both from a code
maintenance point of view, and because you're not particularly
comfortable with this approach in the first place.  

(You can make the huersitcs approach of identifying filesystems work
but it is ugly.  However, it is possible to make its reliability
asymptotically reach 100% by putting in more sophisticated filesystem
checks into a library like libblkid.)

							- Ted

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