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Re: Ext3 partition not appearing in df output

> > (You can make the huersitcs approach of identifying filesystems work
> > but it is ugly.  However, it is possible to make its reliability
> > asymptotically reach 100% by putting in more sophisticated filesystem
> > checks into a library like libblkid.)

Gentelemen, please excuse my ignorance, but I don't quite get this pro-heuristics and counter-heuristics stance.  Am I right that the kernel _already_ makes use of heuristics anyway when mounting root (if I understand the code right, it just tries to mount all compiled-in filesystems one by one).  Does not mount(8) _already_ use magic when it is not given `-t' argument?

I think that what we want is make mount fill /etc/mtab with the result of _previous_ _successful_ use of heuristics.  After all, when you run `mount -a' at boot, root is already mounted and it is known with the highest level of accuracy which exactly filesystem it is.

Am not an expert at all so I may be missing something...


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