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Re: a silly question

On Oct 30, 2001  14:54 +0800, Mark M. Barrios wrote:
> 	just wondering... if i upgrade my kernel + ext3 patch, do i have 
> to recreate the journal? if so (or if not) how do i recreate it?

No, unless you were a very early ext3 adopter (2.2 + ext3-0.0.5 or so),
there has not been a journal change.  Even then, the old journal format
is forward compatible with the new journal format, so no need to rebuilt

> i tried to delete the .journal, reboot and mounting everything as ext2

Don't do that.

> do a tune2fs -j /dev/hdxx but it say "The filesystem already has a journal."

Run e2fsck on it first, it will detect that you made a large effort to
circumvent all attempts we made to prevent people from deleting the
journal.  Then run tune2fs on the unmounted filesystems to create the
journal again.

Cheers, Andreas
Andreas Dilger

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