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Re: ext3 oops under moderate load

mb/ext3 dcs qmul ac uk wrote:
> Hi bug hunters,
> I left my spangly new dual PIII with an ext3 partition on a Promise
> FastTrak 100TX2 being used both by a local process and knfsd for a few
> hours, and the following happened:
> [ 2.4.9-ac3 SMP (noapic) + the one patch from Zygo Blaxell to recognise
> the Promise card; now I have kupdated, kjournald and user-space processes
> trying to access the volume in question all in state 'D' ]
> kernel BUG at revoke.c:307!

Yours is the third report of this - it's definitely a bug in
ext3.  I still need to work out how you managed to get a page
attached to the inode which has not had its buffers fed through
journal_dirty_data().  There seem to be several ways in which
this can happen.

Is it possible that you ran out of disk space on the relevant
partition shortly before it died?


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