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converted ext2->ext3 root won't mount on boot as ext3

Kernel 2.4.8 on an Athlon 500.
ext3 compiled as a module.

I used "tune2fs" to make /boot and /home into ext3, and remounted them OK.
(I am so amazed to see the system come right back without an lengthy
fsck on these two file systems after a power off!  Well done!)

I also used "tune2fs -j" on /, it created a /.journal file.  The debugfs
features command shows that root has a journal; but, every boot has root
come up as:

   VFS: Mounted root (ext2 filesystem) readonly.

I created an initrd using mkinitrd; mkinitrd included jbd.o and ext3.o
as well as the scsi modules for my tape drive and CDROM.  (My disks are
all IDE.)  When booting with that initrd, jbd.o and then ext3.o load
just before the above VFS message.  "cat /proc/mounts" shows root is
still ext2.  I tried adding "rw" to the grub boot line; that caused
the boot to die in fsck being unable to check the root.

Please point me at the FAQ for this one?  Merci!

-IAN!  Ian! D. Allen   Ottawa, Ontario, Canada   idallen ncf ca
       Home Page on the Ottawa FreeNet: http://www.ncf.ca/~aa610/
       College professor at: http://www.algonquincollege.com/~alleni/
       Board Member, TeleCommunities CANADA  http://www.tc.ca/

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