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Re: (no subject)


On Wed, Sep 05, 2001 at 01:23:34AM +0000, Stephan Gutschke wrote:
> I recently switched to ext3, which is nice by the way :). Though I now figured, that it might be not all that 
> smart to have you swap-file on an ext3 partition as well. 

As far as I know, that should work fine.

> I would like to create a swap-partition, but PartionMagic refused to cooperate.  I assume that has to do
> with the fact that somehow (a flag or so?) the partion is marked as ext3 and PM has no idea how to
> handle ext3 :(. Could anyone please drop me a line and tell me how to use debugfs to make my ext3 look like
> an ext2 again so that PM is happy?

"tune2fs -O ^has_journal /dev/foo".  After that, an e2fsck run will
remove the journal completely (if you have a hidden journal).  

You could also try gnu parted, which I think will happily resize an
ext3 filesystem as long as it has been cleanly unmounted (although I
haven't tested it, that's just a third-hand report).


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