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Re: [e2fsprogs-1.24] "fsck -A -a" fails on reboot

On Fri, 7 Sep 2001, Theodore Tso wrote:

> On Fri, Sep 07, 2001 at 01:24:41AM +0200, Michael Renner wrote:
> >
> > btw. does anybody know why the mtab sanity checks were removed from
> > e2fsck?
> >
> They were removed because that checking should be done in
> lib/ext2fs/ismounted.c, and in every testing situation I've been able
> to come up with, it works just fine for me.

Well, well, here's my (weird shit? :P) layout with a (except that -C in
the fsck) unchanged rc.S from slackware 7.1:

Init starting...

swapon -a
update &
fsck -A -a -C
"i think your hda1 is mounted" ( -> sulogin)

I've got only one ide drive (lan<->isdn<->isp gateway), partitioned as

/dev/hda1 = /boot
/dev/hda2 = swap
/dev/hda3 = /

Sorry if i explained my problem too fuzzy (eek, somebody give me a
thesaurus), i never had any problems with the root-partition... it just
complains that the /boot is mounted; here are my tst_ismounted results
(which where executed right after the sulogin-login (eek again).

tst_ismounted /dev/hda3
Device /dev/hda3 reports flags 07
/dev/hda3 is mounted.
/dev/hda3 is read-only
/dev/hda3 is the root filesystem.

tst_ismounted /dev/hda1
Device /dev/hda1 reports flags 01
/dev/hda1 is mounted.

mount -n /proc

tst_ismounted /dev/hda1
Device /dev/hda1 reports flags 00

As you can see, after mounting the /proc fs everything worked fine...

Here are the contents of the mtab right before the crash (short-circuited
the reset pins with a screwdriver... :P)

/dev/hda3 / auto rw 0 0
/dev/hda1 /boot ext3 rw 0 0
none /dev/pts devpts rw,gid=5,mode=620 0 0
none /proc proc rw 0 0

Maybe you should include an additional test if the /proc fs isn't
available and the mtab "could" be somehow inaccurate...

greetz michael

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