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Re: [e2fsprogs-1.24] "fsck -A -a" fails on reboot

On Sat, Sep 08, 2001 at 03:01:41AM +0200, Michael Renner wrote:
> what about creating/deleting a file on the fs (is that the blanket
> check?); shouldn't (<- evil word!) be that dangerous at all, or am i wrong
> here?

The problem is knowing where the filesystem has been mounted;
/etc/fstab only tells you where a filesystem will normally be mounted,
not where it is currently mounted.  In order to get that information
reliably we need an accurate-and-up-to-date version of /etc/mtab, or
via /proc/mounts!

So the right, safe thing for a distribution's boot scripts to do is:

(a)  Boot the kernel with the root filesystem mounted read-only.

(b)  Run fsck on the root filesystem.

(c) Remount the root read-write, and initialize /etc/mtab, and/or 
	(especially if the distribution is one that likes to symlink
	/etc/mtab to /proc/mounts), mount /proc.

(e)  Run fsck on the rest of the filesystems

(f)  Mount the rest of the local filesystems

If Slackware is doing something else, it's arguably broken.

						- Ted

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