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ext3+parisc kernel

[cross posting cause I'm not sure who should get this email]

I am attempting to make ext3 work on the parisc kernel tree. So far I
have successfully patched and have made the kernel compile w/ only two
line changes to the source.

I got ext3 from the cvs, and the parisc 2.4.9-pa17 kernel and I've
patched the parisc kernel w/ the add-to-kernel.sh script. after a bit of
fighting I got the kernel to compile. I had to add and remove the
following lines:

line added include/linux/fs.h:1348
extern loff_t no_llseek(struct file *file, loff_t offset, int origin);

Needed for the no_llseek symbol.

line removed kernel/ksyms.c:180

Needed removal because fsync_no_super was already being exported by

Now when I boot. /proc is not mounted at boot, and when I mount it all
the files in /proc appear to be directories. Also networking is gone.
ifconfig just returns w/ nothing and ifconfig -a shows no devices.

But on the bright side when I cat /proc/filesystems/ (everything in
/proc is a directory even though it's not) I get ext3 to come up... So
it kinda works. Gonna get the newest e2fsprogs and see if I can make a
journal and have this broken kernel mount / as ext3.


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