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Re: Serious problem, argh...


Theodore Tso wrote:

> The fact you were getting this message on your filesystems implies
> that you either (a) used used the external journal feature by
> accident, without realizing it, or (b) the journal was corrupted in
> such a way that e2fsprogs thought that there were multiple users of an
> internal journal.  I'm not sure which it was, but if you could send me
> the output of dumpe2fs on the affected filesystems before you use the
> above debugfs commands to clear the journal_inum and journal_dev
> fields, I'd appreciate it.

 I noticed that ext3 filesystems formatted with very old versions (> 6-8
months) of mke2fs/tune2fs  exhibit this problem with the newer e2fsck tools.
I have seen identical error messages even though there was no way these
filesystems were using external journal devices. Maybe older tools had a bug
or were setting fields that should not have been set while creating the
journal? My solution was to drop the journal using tune2fs, fsck the
filesystem and then re-add the journal.


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