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Re: Ext3, quotas and 2.2.19

I am running the same stup with quotatools v 3.01 which is working fine.

On Thu, Sep 06, 2001 at 04:40:24PM -0700, RW Hawkins wrote:
> It sounds like there are some folks successfully running 2.4.X-ac 
> kernels with quotas and ext3. Is there a solution for 2.2.19? I saw 
> Stephen's post about the possible deadlock but that sounds like a corner 
> case. I am not able to get quotas going on ext3 at all.
> The box in question is 2.2.19 with ext3 0.0.7a and latest quota tools 
> from sourceforge. When I do a quotaon or quotacheck I get an invalid 
> argument. If I reboot the system with that filesystem as ext2 it works 
> fine so the quota.user file is OK etc. Any magic to get this to work? I 
> am using version 1 quotas is it required to use version 2?
> Thanks in advance,
> RW
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