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Re: Serious problem, argh...


Theodore Tso wrote:

> On Mon, Sep 10, 2001 at 09:16:51AM -0400, Shirish Hemant Phatak wrote:
> >
> >  I noticed that ext3 filesystems formatted with very old versions (> 6-8
> > months) of mke2fs/tune2fs  exhibit this problem with the newer e2fsck tools.
> > I have seen identical error messages even though there was no way these
> > filesystems were using external journal devices. Maybe older tools had a bug
> > or were setting fields that should not have been set while creating the
> > journal? My solution was to drop the journal using tune2fs, fsck the
> > filesystem and then re-add the journal.
> Thanks for the tip; I'll try checking out older versions of e2fsprogs
> from the Bitkeeper repository and see if I can replicate the problem.
> Would you happen to remember what version number of mke2fs you were
> using at the time?  And do you remember whether the journal created
> using the old dd + magic mount option (so the kernel created the
> journal), or via the first generation of e2fsprogs tools which created
> an ext2/3 filesystem with a journal?

  I am almost certain that this was a journal created through dd and the mount
option. The e2fsprogs I was using was one of the early sct releases from Stephen
and I am quite certain it did not include the -j options for mke2fs/tune2fs.
Failing that it would certainly be 1.21-sct, since that was the version of
e2fsprogs on this machine before I upgraded everything.

  I am not quite sure now, butI think this was an old version 1 journal
(ext3-0.0.3c on 2.2.17 or thereabouts). The next possibility would be a 0.0.5d
version 2 journal.

 I do remember that for 0.0.5 instead of upgrading to 2.2.19-pre, I patched a
2.2.18 kernel.

  Sorry, there isn't much more information on this, but my priority for this
machine was to get it running 2.4, so I quickly wiped out most traces. Let me try
and dig some more.


> Any additional information would be very helpful.  Thanks!!
>                                                         - Ted

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