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Re: Why is .journal file sometimes visible and sometimes not?


tune2fs tries to create a hidden journal file whenever possible. If a filesystem is mounted, though, doing so is apparently unsafe, and tune2fs creates a .journal file instead. The two "modes" are functionally equivalent as far as I can tell.


Marcus Blomenkamp wrote:


I recently migrated two machines from ext2 to ext3. Kernels (nearly identical) are 2.4.9-ac9 + preemptivity-patch + wrr-patch. The Installations are based on Mandrake 7.2 + 8.0. Also I have e2fstools-1.23 newly compiled on them. Both machines have two ext3 partitions (root + multimedia-data). On one machine I see a .journal file on both partitions, on the other machine (Mandrake-8.0) it's only visible on the root-partition. Journalling works flawlessly and 'cat /proc/mounts' shows ext3 for all. What does this inconsistency mean?


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