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NFS/InterMezzo ext3 problem


We have encountered another funny with ext3 on 2.4. 

Like the kernel NFS server, we have a routine in InterMezzo that does
something like looking up an inode by inode number.  (compare
intermezzo's presto_ilookup or knfsd's nfsfh_iget)

Effectively both of these routines do 

  inode = iget(sb, ino)

  if (inode->i_nlink==0) 

We find that this oopses if the file is recently deleted:

echo foo > file
rm file
"ilookup file"    oopses.

We suspect that iget gets the inode _without_ hitting ext3_read_inode,
ie. it is still in the hash lists.

What happens is what we re-enter the ext3_delete_inode path,
and something goes wrong when it hits the ext3_orphan_del routine.

I think that something is awry, because I would have hoped that after
the unlink has run, the inode would not go through another round of
ext3_delete_inode.  It would be best if ext3_read_inode __was__ called
and returned a bad inode, which is more or less what is promised in
the comment above the routine. 

Do we know what is going on here? 

- Peter -

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