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Re: Ext3, 2.4.10, and 2.4 in general

"Nathan G. Grennan" wrote:
>     The 0.9.9 2.4.10pre4 patch doesn't apply. There are 5 rejects. The
> first three are easy to fix, but
> the fourth in vmscan.c will be very difficult without being a developer.
> The fifth I am not sure about.

In the post pre4 pre patches, the last two patches weren't required (or
rather, i didnt think they were and things seems to work fine for me
without them.

> This brings up the fact that many of us are using ext3 and have to patch
> every time a new kernel
> comes out. I really think we need to strong arm Linus or something and
> get ext3 into 2.4.11 at
> least as expermintal. If that is near impossible then we should really

That would be nice.

> look into a autopatch
> generator like i2c has you just do something like mkpatch /usr/src/linux
> | patch -p1 and it auto
> generates a valid patch file for that version for you. Which makes it as
> simple as running the
> command and making a new patch instead of waiting for the developers to
> come out with a
> new one because of small changes in most cases.

Dunno if autopatching would work since the kernel is changing alot in
regards with VM and VFS stuff. It'd just break ext3. i2c had the same
problem a while back when a kernel call was renamed.


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