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Re: ext3 problem on recover...


On Thu, Sep 27, 2001 at 10:17:15AM -0400, Charles Duncan wrote:
> I have rebuilt my kernel 2.4.10 for ext3, converted all my 
> partitions and hard coded them in my fstab to ext3.
> when I type "df -t ext2", none of my partitions show up.
> when I type "df -t ext3", all my partitions show up.
> Everything seems to work fine. 
> except upon a recovery...my system runs fsck and seems to do a 
> ext2 recovery, which takes some 15-20 minutes.

Sounds like your root filesystem is being mounted as ext2: check the
boot logs, or "cat /proc/mounts" to be sure.

If you have ext3 as a module then you need to (re)build an initrd to
load that module if you want root as ext3.

If you created the journal using 2.4.10, then you'll need to go back
to an older kernel (2.4.9 is fine, or try the current -ac kernels),
fsck the filesystem and recreate the journal --- journal creation on a
live filesystem is broken in 2.4.10.  The list archives have lots of
information on this.


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