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Re: Problems with ext3


again thank you very much. You were right: from root i was able to mount the 
partition, I did not need to repair it. Now, everything is running smooth ( 
and I do not know why  )

Well, but examining "tune2fs" I got only the old version, which has not the 
option -j, although I had compiled and installed the new 1.27 version 
_before_ I changed the ext2 to an ext3 partition. This means, that during the 
crash recovery process, something has overrided at least the tune2fs 1.27  
version with the old one. Could this happen because I run fsck manually  ? I 
am runing a 2.4.18 self compiled kernel, but my original system is 2.4.4. 

ext3 is built-in in the kernel, not a module.

I do not have a /linuxrc ( I am running SuSE ). Mount statements are afaik 
only in fstab and were changed to ext3

Regards, Edgar

On Wednesday 10 April 2002 15:14, Amit D Chaudhary wrote:
> Edgar,
> As far as I see there is nothing wrong with the partition, if you change
> it from /(root) you should be able to mount it directly as long as the
> kernel supports ext3 filesystem and you use the correct -t option. Not
> even necessary to repair it.
> This is a guess, but what most probably happened is that ext3 is builtin
> as a module or the mount statement in the initrd in /linuxrc was not
> updated from ext2 to ext3.
> Regards
> Amit

Dr.-Ing. Edgar Alwers
Mailto:edgaralwers gmx de

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