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Re: Problems with ext3


I continue in an vicious circle: I could not umount /dev/hdb2 from my 
mountpoint /disk2. I get always a message: divice is busy.

Well, I made an fsck on /dev/hdb2 ( inspite of warning: doing fsck on an 
mounted system may cause severe damages of the filesystem ). Then, tune2fs -l 
/dev/hdb2 shows a normal line Fls features: has_journal.
I then rebooted the box, and after booting up the same line
	Fls features: has_journal needs_recovery
comes up on tune2fs -l /dev/hdb2. What means that the system is always under 
recovery conditions !
What am I doing wrong ? I am not mounting /dev/hdb2 on /disk2, it is done by 

Thanks for your help,

On Sunday 14 April 2002 17:36, Stephen C. Tweedie wrote:

> > 	Fls features :	has_journal needs_recovery
> >
> > What does this mean and how can I perform such a recovery ?
> It just means that the filesystem is "active": ie. it has not been
> unmounted cleanly.  Either it is still mounted, or you rebooted while
> it was previously mounted.
> You don't need to do any recovery --- ext3 will do that itself if it
> still needs to when you mount the filesystem, or fsck can do it.  If
> the fs is currently mounted, then unmounting it will simply clear the
> needs_recovery flag.
> Cheers,
>  Stephen
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