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Re: Problems with ext3

On Sunday 14 April 2002 20:30, Bryan Kadzban wrote:
> That's because it is.  It's your root filesystem, after all -- if you could
> umount it, you wouldn't have anything accessible.

nope. My root system is on disk1, not on disk2

>  > What means that the system is always under
> >  recovery conditions !
> Well, sort of, but not quite.  The filesystem is always in a state that
> *if* something happened and it wasn't cleanly umounted, it would check as
> soon as you booted the next time, and recovery would happen.
> Hope this helps.

Thanks very much, I hope I understood it: wenn shutting down,  the disk2 is 
beeing unmounted by the system -normal-.  When I boot the next time, the flag 
gets always set, as I am mounting disk2 read-write, is that OK ?
And if the system crashes due for instance to a power crash, then the flag 
would start a recover the next bootup and after the disk2 is again mounted 
read-write the flag would again being set ?

And short: I do not have to be worried by that message ?

Thanks again

Dr.-Ing. Edgar Alwers
Mailto:edgaralwers gmx de

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