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Re: Question about Journaling Root Filesystem.

On Apr 22, 2002  16:06 -0500, Rhett Gibson wrote:
> I already have the other filesystems (i.e. /boot, /home, /usr, etc)
> running with data=journaled, so it is not a kernel problem.  Where can I
> find more information about insmod?  I have already used mkinitrd, but I
> was still unable to journal my root filesystem.  

But it is clear from the error message that it IS a kernel problem.  It
would seem that you only _think_ that you are mounting the root
filesystem as ext3, because of output from "mount".  Check what is in
/proc/mounts to be sure.  If you have ext3 as a module, then there is
no problem in journaling other filesystems.

> Andreas Dilger wrote:
> On Apr 22, 2002  15:26 -0500, Rhett Gibson wrote:
> > My specific error is: 
> > EXT2-fs: Unrecognized mount option data
>   ^^^^ note that your kernel is trying to mount the filesystem as ext2.
> Now wasn't that a lot easier to see what your problem is?  You need to
> compile ext3 into your kernel, or set up your initrd to insmod ext3 and
> mount the root filesystem as ext3.  Details are up to you (may include
> running "mkinitrd" or similar program).

Cheers, Andreas
Andreas Dilger

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