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Re: question about .journal ....


On Thu, Aug 01, 2002 at 03:08:42PM +0200, Jean-Philippe BATTU wrote:
> sorry for this mail perhaps, but I am new in linux experience.
> I have a disk in ext2 format and this disk has been totally
> deleted by the rm command.

Was it running ext2 or ext3 when you deleted it?

> Then the server crashed and
> I had to restart it. This filesystem was not clear and I
> run fsck.ext2 to solve bad blocks.
> I noticed the file .journal appeared on the root filesystem
> and I am asking how is it possible on linux to recover
> deleted files with this .journal ?

It is not.

> If the anwser is no, do you know another way to restore
> them because I think disks blocks have not been destroyed
> but just passed to the free list as on unix system. Do you
> know a utility to do this ?

Well, restoring from backups will be the only remotely easy answer if
you've managed to delete the whole filesystem --- most of the metadata
about which blocks went where and what the files were called is simply
gone.  A bit more of the metadata will have survived if you were using
ext2.  If there are any really critical files you want to recover then
you could start looking through the fs manually for them, but there is
no chance of an automatic complete recovery.


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