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"busy hang" on e2fsck (on a ext3 partition)

(There really doesn't seem to be a dedicated e2fsprogs list, so this was
 the next-best place I could find.  I don't place much faith in the
 sourceforge forums..)

The filesystem in question is a 480 gig ext3 partition, on a hardware
RAID5 controller.  It's approximately 90% full, with something
like 115K files.  Kernel 2.4.20-pre4, on a Duron 900.

As I type this, e2fsck has used up ~811 minutes of CPU time and has a
RSS size of 72 megs.  It's been in stage2 for at least ten hours of wall
time now.

Initially, I gave up on waiting the first couple of attempts, and
upgraded from e2fsprogs-1.27 to 1.28-WIP-0817.  That didn't seem to make
any difference.  I'm invoking e2fsck with '-d -v -tt', and stage1 spat
out statitics when it finished, but stage2 is just sitting there..

Any ideas?   It sounds like a e2fsck bug, but until I know the
filesystem is clean, I don't want to clear the dirty flag and mount it

The "backup/mkfs/restore" isn't quite practical in this case as I don't
have another half-terrabyte of storage readily available.  (And what's
to keep this from happening again, for example, when the mount count
limit is reached next time?)

 - Pizza
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