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Check journal is replayable ?


Is there a simple way, at a shell script level, of finding out whether an ext3 fs
has a sane journal, other than mounting it or running a full fsck ?

I may quite well be missing a few things here, but what I think I'd like is some option extra
to e2fsck that says "if this is a journalled filesystem, and it was shut down
uncleanly, just replay the journal and check for immediately obvious problems,
but don't bother scanning the whole filesystem unless there's a '-f' in sight".

AFAICT, the usual way of handling ext3 filesystems seems to be to mark them with fs_passno=0,
so they never get fscked from the init scripts - but the journal gets replayed, and a few things
get checked at mount time.

If mount fails - because something horrible really did happen - then the /etc/rc.sysinit doesn't
seem to have any way of coping, or dropping to an interactive shell.


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