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Re: problem using ext3 on root fs

Thomas Koeller wrote:
> Thanks for your quick response, Juri!
> However, I'm not quite satisfied with your explanation. First of
> all, I did declare the root fs as being of type ext3 in my
> /etc/fstab (should of course have mentioned that), like so:
> /dev/discs/disc0/part1	/		ext3	rw,noauto	0 1

Hmm, are you sure that you don't use something like initrd for preloading
drivers. This could change the whole thing.

> And as to disabling periodic checks using the '-c' or '-i' options
> to tune2fs, here's a qoute from the man page:
>   You  should  strongly  consider  the  consequences  of  disabling
>   mount-count-dependent  checking entirely.  Bad disk drives, cables,
>   memory, and kernel bugs could all corrupt a filesystem without
>   marking the filesystem dirty or in error. If you are using journaling
>   on  your  filesystem,  your filesystem  will  never  be  marked dirty,
>   so it will not normally be checked.  A filesystem error detected by
>   the kernel will still force an fsck on the next reboot, but it may
>   already be too late to prevent data loss at that point.
> If I do not get this wrong, it means that no checks will be performed
> just because the maximum mount count has been exceeded, if jounaling
> is in effect. So this contradicts your explanation, or doesn't it?

Well, yes and no. If you disable the mount-count-dependent checking then
the filesystem will never be checked after x numbers of mounts - whether
it's an ext2 or ext3 fs. I'd recommend disabling the mount-count check
but leave the last-checked check enabled. So this would mean that that
you could mount your fs as often as you like without a single fsck - but
after a defined period of time (half a year or so - check the man page)
the fsck will be checked by force. Again, this is independant of the
fs-type you use (ext2 or ext3).


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