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Re: Locked Dirs

Didn't work :(

Hi Jason,

Easiest way to remove is to go something like 'rm -rf "*Falling Cycle*"' -
the question marks you see are characters that can't be displayed in the
current character set, but the globbing in the above will match them anyway.


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Subject: Locked Dirs

> Hey there I recently downloaded a folder off an ftp that had [hxc] as the
> bwginning name of thr dir, now it says it's locked when I try to delete it


> KDE. when I try to rm -f in a console it says it doesn't exist, I can't


> it, delete it , or change anything about it. When I output a ls -la to a


> it says this about it "drwxr-xr-x    2 root     root         4096 Dec  2
> 10:18 [hXc] Falling Cycle -
> 2002 - Conflict" and when I just pull a ls -la in the console it shows up
>  with "?[hxc]? blah blah blah" the question marks, I don't get it. Could
>  someone lemme know how dumb I am I would appreciate it, as long as you


>  me how to get rid of it to ;)  Thanks everyone.
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