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Re: [patch] fix the ext3 data=journal unmount bug


On Fri, 2002-12-06 at 22:07, Chris Mason wrote:

> But with data journaling, there's a limited amount data pending that
> needs to be sent to the log.  It isn't like the data pages in the
> data=writeback, where there might be gigs and gigs worth of pages.  

That's true right now, but it may not be for other cases.  For example,
a phase-tree type of filesystem may have huge amounts of data
accumulated behind the commit, and any filesystem doing deferred block
allocation will also have a lot of data which needs to be synced
intelligently, not just by the VM walking the dirty buffer lists itself.

> It seems like a natural progression to start adding journal address
> spaces to deal with this instead of extra stuff in the super code, where
> locking and super flag semantics make things sticky.

Absolutely, and I think an entirely separate ->sync_fs method is the way
to go, as it doesn't assume any specific semantics about what data
structure is getting locked in what fashion.


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