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Re: Assertion failure in do_get_write_access() at fs/jbd/transaction.c:746


On Fri, 2002-12-06 at 23:30, Stephen C. Tweedie wrote:
> So most of the paths really should be safe: when a file initially
> becomes that large, we should be accounting for an sb write already. 
> But in the case where the sb state is incorrect when we get a
> mark_inode_dirty(), we need to be able to correct it there, so I think
> it's actually more correct simply to reserve the extra block just inside
> ext3_dirty_inode()'s transaction.

As simple as

--- linux-2.4.20-ext3merge/fs/ext3/inode.c.=K0029=.orig	2002-12-06 23:29:24.000000000 +0000
+++ linux-2.4.20-ext3merge/fs/ext3/inode.c	2002-12-06 23:29:24.000000000 +0000
@@ -2581,7 +2581,7 @@
 	handle_t *handle;
-	handle = ext3_journal_start(inode, 1);
+	handle = ext3_journal_start(inode, 2);
 	if (IS_ERR(handle))
 		goto out;

in fact.  


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