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Re: Nasty ext3 errors 2.4.18

I think i could add some more info here.

I'm seeing a similiar problem:

EXT3-fs error (device ide1(22,72)): ext3_free_blocks: Freeing blocks not in
datazone - block = 4048365, count = 7
Aborting journal on device ide1(22,72).

This happened twice to me in a week now. A major difference to the original
poster is that at both times it happened during the low system activity:
once at 1:21am (no cron jobs at that time, no idea what triggered it), the
second time during an unrar of a rar archive. Both times on the same ext3
filesystem, which was clean (fsck 1.32) after the first time this happened. 

I'm running wolk 3.8 kernel, which has bleeding edge stuff all over the
place (ext3fs_version is defined as EXT3 FS 2.4-0.9.19-tuned-htree-orlov and
date is 7. November 2002), but anyway ... i dont have any htree or other
latest feature on that filesystem, it's an ordinary ext3 in ordered data
mode. Also, the hardware is (still) belived to be ok. :)


Jure Pecar

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