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Re: Nasty ext3 errors 2.4.18


On Mon, 2002-12-16 at 17:20, glen wrote:

> > memtest86 is a good first diagnostic in this sort of case.
> ^^^
> I agree - the first time I brought back a customers system with these
> problems I put it on memtest86 for over 48 hours but no errors were reported
> - really frustrating as I was convinced the memory was at fault.

I've seen memory problems where memtest86 ran just fine --- sometimes it
simply takes a different access pattern to trigger the fault.  Even if
the memory itself is fine, you can have chipset problems that corrupt
data in unpredictable ways (I've got a system myself where if you insert
a radeon graphics card into the AGP slot, then the secondary on-board
IDE controller starts randomly corrupting writes by forgetting a 4-byte
transfer every so often.)

These things are unpredictable --- carefully monitoring the systems
affected so that you know which boxes are stable and which are not is
just as valuable as anything else.  memtest86 is a good first step, but
it's only a first step.


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