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external journal


I have some questions about external journals.

On a 4 disk software RAID 5 I have two big devices (one 60 GB, one 180 GB). I would like to give each an external journal on a 2 disk software RAID 1 device and use data=journal.

The journal will get its own partition with mke2fs -O journal_dev /dev/mdwhatever.

The used 6 harddrives are all IDE drives, they are connected through mainboard and additional ide controllers, each one as master (no slaves).

My questions:

How big should each of the journals be?

Can I put both journals in one RAID 1 device (i.e. give both the same device=/dev/mdwhatever or should/must I put them in two different devices (which would have to be on the same two disks in any case) /dev/mdwhatever1 and /dev/mdwhatever2?

Thanks in advance, Norman Schmidt.

Norman Schmidt          Institut für Physikal. u. Theoret. Chemie
cand. chem.             Friedrich-Alexander-Universitaet
schmidt naa net         Erlangen-Nuernberg

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