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Re: external journal

On Dec 21, 2002  16:03 +0100, Norman Schmidt wrote:
> On a 4 disk software RAID 5 I have two big devices (one 60 GB, one 180 
> GB). I would like to give each an external journal on a 2 disk software 
> RAID 1 device and use data=journal.
> How big should each of the journals be?

Depends on what you are doing.

> Can I put both journals in one RAID 1 device (i.e. give both the same 
> device=/dev/mdwhatever or should/must I put them in two different 
> devices (which would have to be on the same two disks in any case) 
> /dev/mdwhatever1 and /dev/mdwhatever2?

Currently, you need to put them on different block devices.  At some
(probably distant) time in the future it will be possible to share an
external journal among filesystems, but I don't think anybody is working
on that yet.

Cheers, Andreas
Andreas Dilger

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