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Re: slowdown and reiserfs


On Mon, Feb 04, 2002 at 11:28:11AM +0100, Joe Radinger wrote:

> i got 2 questions and maybe someone could shed some light:
> a) i'm using kernel 2.4.17 and use ext3 in it. is it possible that the
> whole system is slower than with ext2? i switched back to ext2 (great
> feature!!!) and the system's  response seemed somewhat better.

ext3 does often submit IO in bursts (because of the journal writes),
and that seems to have a big impact if the VM is not working well.
2.4.17 has about the worst VM available for current kernels.  Could
you try again, either with Rik's rmap patches, or Andrea's current aa
diffs?  Both of those fix the many incompletenesses of the main 2.4.17

> should/could there be such a effect as double writing of journaled data?

No, but metadata will always be written twice in a physically
journaling filesystem such as ext3 or reiserfs.
> b) is reiserfs compatible with ext3?

You can use both at the same time, yes, but reiserfs has a different
on-disk format to ext3 so you have to chose one or the other for a
given filesystem.

> is it possible use both journaling filesystems at the same time (of
> course on different partitions :))



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