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Re: 2GB of Waste? How can it be? -- missing the point

"IT3 Stuart Blake Tener, USNR-R" wrote:
> With regard to ReiserFS, I don't see why allowing it to be
> installed that way, means it must be a supported configuration.
> RH could easily simply allow you to install in that manner,
> but support it via their technical support.

Mandrake may operate that way, but RedHat does _not_ -- at least
that has been my experience.  What RedHat sells you in the box is
supported -- or it would find some of its "Enterprise" customers
wondering why they don't.  I haven't seen broken packages continued
to be broken in revisions of RedHat releases like Mandrake ones. 

Furthermore, while Mandrake supports XFS in its kernels, most of us
that use XFS use RedHat (with the SGI-patched RedHat kernels).  It
think this emphasizes the point I'm trying to make even further.

> I believe this choice was made, simply to promote ext3, not out
> of the need of users.

If RedHat was out to "just promote" Ext3, I don't think Ext3 would
have been in beta-testing at RedHat for about 18 months -- they
would have just shoved it in its products immediately.

> Mandrake has its own set of issues, but I prefer RedHat for some other
> reasons, just think it could be improved if it allowed this function.

I think you just hit the nail on the head in the first part of your
statement.  ;-PPP

Just because ReiserFS was in the stock kernel as of 2.4.1, and Ext3
not until 2.4.15, doesn't mean companies are willing to support it.

If you want ReiserFS, I'd go with SuSE.  They have the most
experience with it, including running their internal network on it
as far back as the 2.2 days (even if that meant a kludge of patches
and workarounds for NFS).

-- Bryan

Bryan J. Smith, Engineer        mailto:b j smith ieee org   
AbsoluteValue Systems, Inc.     http://www.linux-wlan.org
SmithConcepts, Inc.          http://www.SmithConcepts.com
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