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Re: 2GB of Waste? How can it be?

"Stephen C. Tweedie" wrote:
> ext3's primary goal is stability.  There are plenty of alternatives if
> you want bleeding edge.

As I mentioned before, SGI makes a nice .iso image you can download
and install with RedHat 7.2.  They have a modified Anaconda
installer, and have even fixed a few bugs for RedHat here and there.

> Actually, no, it isn't --- you have flat out insulted the developers
> involved.  What on earth do you imagine we'd have to gain by promoting
> one open-source module over another for such petty reasons?

RedHat, despite having Ext3 kernels in-house, kept it out of its
release for the longest time -- a good 18 months or so.  Same deal
with their kernels, they lag other distros for months _because_ of

RedHat gave their "fair shake" of ReiserFS, just like I did over two
years ago.  No dice AFAIC.  I've played with it several times since,
but don't have the time to deal with different patches for different
services and support.

> Red Hat tries to offer a reliable and stable base OS, not to add every
> possible bell and whistle to the distribution, and frankly our users
> get better value out of our development time if we spend it
> debugging the supported features than adding code for stuff we don't
> support.  The big advantage of open source is that you don't HAVE to
> wait for us to add such features.

I think that last statement is the key to RedHat.  Especially when
you add in the fact that almost everything they produce is 100%
GPL.  Cannot say the same about a number of other, major, and even
well-respected distros.

RedHat has stated why they don't support ReiserFS, and it is
extremely logical.  Accept it and find another vendor who does if
you don't like it.

Or, again, are you missing the whole point why you, I and many
others stick with RedHat?

-- Bryan

Bryan J. Smith, Engineer        mailto:b j smith ieee org   
AbsoluteValue Systems, Inc.     http://www.linux-wlan.org
SmithConcepts, Inc.          http://www.SmithConcepts.com
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