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Re: Promise TX2 and ATARAID....... kjouirnald and kupdated seem to fight it out for reasourses


On Thu, Feb 07, 2002 at 07:00:40AM -0500, Baines, Dominic wrote:
> What is really puzzling me is that the ataraid device (/dev/ataraid/d0p1 mounted as /bigdisk)
> 2x 123GB IBM Deskstar's is formated as ext2...top and ps etc... show a fight between kjournald and kupdated
> and all searches for kjournald or kupdated fights suggest ext3 issues... :-)
> It's a RedHat 7.2,  2.4.7-10 custom kernal (I added in the Promise FastTrak support and HIGH mem support
> to break through the c800MB barrier to use the whole 1GB RAM).

How/why did you customise the kernel?  The normal 2.4.7-10 already has
HIGHMEM enabled, and has Promise Fasttrak support.

What happens if you just use the current 2.4.9 errata kernels?  There
is an updated ataraid driver in those, supporting raid1.

> Creates the array fine... I get a problem as soon as I attempt to populate it...
> the box is a Athalon 1.4GHz and 1GB RAM, two other 60GB drives on IDE0 and IDE1
> I get an almost total slowdown/shutdown and top shows the load going to 8 or nine with noone
> logged in and console only....

Definitely try the new kernel --- if the fasttrak driver you added
was failing to negotiate dma then you'd see serious slowdown when
trying to do intensive IO.


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