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RE: Promise TX2 and ATARAID....... kjouirnald and kupdated seem to fight it out for reasourses

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From: Stephen C. Tweedie [mailto:sct redhat com]
Sent: Thursday, February 07, 2002 1:06 PM
To: Baines, Dominic
Cc: ext3-users redhat com
Subject: Re: Promise TX2 and ATARAID....... kjouirnald and kupdated seem
to fight it out for reasourses


On Thu, Feb 07, 2002 at 07:00:40AM -0500, Baines, Dominic wrote:
> What is really puzzling me is that the ataraid device (/dev/ataraid/d0p1 mounted as /bigdisk)
> 2x 123GB IBM Deskstar's is formated as ext2...top and ps etc... show a fight between kjournald and kupdated
> and all searches for kjournald or kupdated fights suggest ext3 issues... :-)
> It's a RedHat 7.2,  2.4.7-10 custom kernal (I added in the Promise FastTrak support and HIGH mem support
> to break through the c800MB barrier to use the whole 1GB RAM).

$How/why did you customise the kernel? 

Out of the box it only recognised c 850MB not the whole 1GB, and didn't see the array at 
all...... also dropped all the usual rubbish not needed... ISDN, Sound, routing etc... made
the kernel smaller.

$The normal 2.4.7-10 already has HIGHMEM enabled, and has Promise Fasttrak support.
It just didn't see it as a single device, even though configured as such, just two separate drives. 
hde & hdg. It wasn't until I reconfigured the kernel it then saw it on /dev/ataraid/d0
as a two drive array.

$What happens if you just use the current 2.4.9 errata kernels?  There
$is an updated ataraid driver in those, supporting raid1.
Havn't gone there yet..... I've now downgraded the whole install to 7.1
and used the Promise ft.o driver disk instead.... it's doing SCSI emulation so
we loose cpu cycles to it but it works and we need to box up quckly...
it will grow to TB with multiple PromiseTX2's possibly very fast.

> Creates the array fine... I get a problem as soon as I attempt to populate it...
> the box is a Athalon 1.4GHz and 1GB RAM, two other 60GB drives on IDE0 and IDE1
> I get an almost total slowdown/shutdown and top shows the load going to 8 or nine with noone
> logged in and console only....

$Definitely try the new kernel --- if the fasttrak driver you added
$was failing to negotiate dma then you'd see serious slowdown when
$trying to do intensive IO.

I have other systems at 7.1 running fine with the controller in
and acting as sda, sdb or sdc depending if it's the first, second or third
controller. So will back out the 7.1 install. Perhaps might try the 2.4.9 kernel 
on a spare system when I'm free and see if that cures it....

$ Stephen



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