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System hang during write of large files


We use a database which is able to preallocate disk space in so called extents (db name is Progress).
As we did this with one 512 MB extent everything was ok.
As we tried 3 of these extents in one run of the extent utility, the system hangs without any error message. The master console was also dead; we could enter root but the password prompt never comes up.

After rebooting the system we saw that 2 of the extents are added correctly, the third one not.
Then we added only one extent per run and everything was ok.
Another run with a 2 GB extent stopped writing after 700 MB and with no error messages.

But in the near future we will copy the whole database from one disk to another and the db is now 5,5 GB large...

Suse 7.3
EXT3 default installation on 2 disks (40 and 60 GB)
kernel 2.4.10-64GB-SMP

I assume something like a journal overflow.
Is it a solution to make the journla bigger?
We plan to go to data=journal. Is there a difference?
Any ideas/comments?

Best Regards

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