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Re: [Off-topic] Battery Backed NVRAM for journals ...

On Tuesday February 12, b j smith ieee org wrote:
> I've seen this come up on occassion, but every NAS OEM that uses
> NVRAM I've ever talked to over the last 18 months won't tell me
> anything about their equipment nor their suppliers.  Recently, Micro
> Memory contacted me.  Is anyone here using their products?
> FYI, their 64-bit PCI 128MB-1GB NVRAM board is here:
> http://www.micromemory.com/newwebsite/dynamic/content/product.asp?itemID=MM-5415CN

I have one of these.  I did a bit of work on the Linux driver too and I
know a fair bit about it.

I had to send it back last year for a couple of mods and have't had a
chance to test it out again since I got it back, but it looks quite

Used as an external data=journal journal for ext3 it makes sync NFS go
quite nicely.  I haven't yet done a controlled comparison of NFS over
ext3 with journal on one of these versus the same but with the journal
on a mirrored pair of 15000rpm scsi drives, but I suspect it should go
a bit faster.  I'll let you know when I do it.


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