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Re: ext3 blocks other with large writes

On Thu, 2002-02-28 at 18:44, Andreas Dilger wrote:
> On Feb 28, 2002  13:35 +0100, Diego SANTA CRUZ wrote:
> > However, I have observed that whenever something is doing a lot of
> > writing to an ext3 filesystem other processes that involves I/O on the
> > same disk are blocked for long times (often in the 10-30 secs range).
> > For example, if I cp a 1.5 Gb file from one ext3 partition to another
> > ext3 partition and I try to do ls on some dir, the ls usually blocks
> > between 10 and 30 secs before giving a response (the CPU usage is no
> > more than 10% during this). However if the destination partition for the
> > cp is mounted as ext2, the ls command responds almost immediately.
> I don't think this is so much an ext3 problem as an elevator starvation
> problem.  You should try using Andrew's elevator starvation fix (sorry,
> don't know URL), which allows read requests to be put earlier in the
> queue so you don't get such long waits.

Thanks for the tip, I actually suspected something like this. I suppose
it shows more with ext3 since it probably pushes the I/O system a little
harder than ext2.

Is the patch you mention the one at
http://www.uwsg.iu.edu/hypermail/linux/kernel/0201.0/1654.html ?

How stable is it, there was not much debate on l-k about it. Is it a
good sign?

Is that merged in any of the latest kernels?

Thanks for the help,


> Cheers, Andreas
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