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root fs upgraded to ext3 on rh 6.2 based machine problem when not cleanly unmounted


I search through but I didn't find a clear answer about it.
I have a rh 6.2 based box where I made many steps of upgrades.

Some of them, not being available the binary rpm glibc 2.1 based, I obtained using src.rpm from rh 7.2 and then runnig

#rpm --rebuild package.src.rpm

and then installing the generated binary: great sw rpm!!!
My rpm version is 4.0.2-6x for both rpm, rpm-devel, rpm-build.

I upgraded my filesystems to ext3 using tune2fs.

Now I'm using kernel 2.4.17 with ext2 in core and ext3 as a module, so I have the two jbd.o and ext3.o files under /lib/modules tree.

If I power off cleanly my system I have no problem rebooting and the filesystem type of them is ext3 (I put ext3 for root and auto for the others in fstab).

If I power off uncleanly the machine, root has to make fsck (in the long ext2 way and complaining also), while for the other file systems the journal is applied and in few seconds they are ok and after booting they are all ext3.

What is the problem with root filesystem?

I created initrd image and I have also jbd.o and ext3.o in it, in fact at boot time I can see root booted with kjournal etc.

It seems to me that the problem can be with the different way rc.sysinit is written from rh 6.2 to 7.2, about file system checking.

Is this correct? May be sufficient to adapt this file to adhere to 7.2 schema? Or not?

I have read in some places something like this:

WARNING : If u are converting your existing ext2 root file system to
          ext3 than compile ext3 support in the kernel since u 	
 	  will need it on startup :-)

(eg in http://www.symonds.net/~rajesh/howto/ext3/index.html)

Is it right?

Some of my packages versions:


Thanks in advance.
Gianluca Cecchi

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