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Re: root fs upgraded to ext3 on rh 6.2 based machine problem when not cleanly unmounted


On Thu, Jan 03, 2002 at 03:38:06PM +0100, Gianluca Cecchi wrote:

> I upgraded my filesystems to ext3 using tune2fs.
> Now I'm using kernel 2.4.17 with ext2 in core and ext3 as a module, so I 
> have the two jbd.o and ext3.o files under /lib/modules tree.
> If I power off cleanly my system I have no problem rebooting and the 
> filesystem type of them is ext3 (I put ext3 for root and auto for the 
> others in fstab).
> If I power off uncleanly the machine, root has to make fsck (in the long 
> ext2 way and complaining also), while for the other file systems the 
> journal is applied and in few seconds they are ok and after booting they 
> are all ext3.
> What is the problem with root filesystem?

It could be several things.  Does /proc/mounts show the root fs as
ext2 or ext3?  Getting the wrong root fs type is the most likely

> I have read in some places something like this:
> WARNING : If u are converting your existing ext2 root file system to
>            ext3 than compile ext3 support in the kernel since u
>         will need it on startup [:-)]

> Is it right?

Not strictly correct, but it's much easier to get things working that
way as you don't have to fiddle with getting the initrd correct.


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