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Re: ext3 crash after RedHat 7.2 installation


On Wed, Jan 02, 2002 at 07:14:18PM -0800, Andy Do wrote:

> 	I've been running Redhat 7.2 (new install) for about 2 weeks now
> without any problems, but today I was not so lucky.
> My system hung while I was trying to configure the kernel-source RPM using
> 'xconfig'.
> After rebooting the system, it seems that my whole ext3 file system is
> corrupted.
> I get the message:
> Mounting root filesystem
> EXT3-fs: ide0(3,3):couldn't mount because of unsupported optional features
> (200 0200).

That's a superblock corruption.  It could be anything --- dodgy disk
hardware seems to be the most common cause of this particular type of

> 2)
> mke2fs /dev/hda3 =>

You probably wanted "e2fsck", not "mke2fs".  mke2fs erases the entire
filesystem and creates a new one.

> I rebooted the system and got the same message:
> Kernel panic: No init found. Try passing init= option to kernel

That's right --- there's no "/sbin/init" file for the kernel to boot
any more, because you erased that file when you "mke2fs"ed the
filesystem.  It's too late to recover most of the state of your
filesystem now, although you might be able to salvage a few individual
files from it.

For future use, e2fsck can use backups of the superblock to recover
the filesystem in cases such as this.  However, mke2fs will erase the
backups as well as the primary superblock, so after the mke2fs, that
particular recovery route is not available.


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