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look for atomicity problem using ext3 through NFS


I'm looking for some experience regarding using ext3 journaled, ordered
or writeback modes
through NFS.

I wonder what is the best ext3 mode to use with NFS: journaled, ordered
or writeback ? And what is provided for
 atomicity and ordering of write requested through a NFS client with
these 3 modes ?

As there is some NFS caching and segmentation policies, that are done
independently of ext3 modes i'm not sure
of the result when merging NFS and ext3 policies. This was confirmed by
mail reply from Stephen C. Tweedie  saying that "NFS never makes _any_
atomicity or ordering guarantees".

I just want to know if, in practical,  you  have encoutered any problem
of data consistency
after a failure using ext3 (or another File System with atomic data
writting propriety) through NFS and
in what precise cases.

I'll enjoy to have your feedback.

Eric Chacron,
Alcatel Software Control Platform

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