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Re: inconsistent file content after killing nfs daemon


To answer your question, the problem seems to be reproductible only in
asynchronous mode (without O_SYNC).
I have reproduced the case ( without O_SYNC) using different record sizes:
from 1 K to 64 K, but not with 512 bytes.
It makes sense that the the zeroed holes in the file are caused by the nfs
client absence of serialisation/ ordering as the file is used in extension.
With O_SYNC i haven't reproduced the same problem for the moment.


NB: I always used mount with rsize = wsize = 8192.

"Stephen C. Tweedie" a écrit :

> Hi,
> On Wed, Jan 09, 2002 at 06:05:30PM +0100, eric chacron wrote:
> > Hi Stephen,
> >
> > I use ext3 with kernel 2.4.14. I'm happy to have verified that nfs+ext3
> > in journal mode doesn't provide
> > atomic write for the user point of view.
> >
> > My program writes sequential records of 64KB in a file through a nfs
> > mount point. The blocks of data are
> > initialized with a serie of integer: 1, 2, 3 ...
> > I kill the nfsd daemons while two instance of the program are writing
> > their 600 records of
> > 64KB in two distinct files.
> > Then using 'od' i look at the result, and i see some blocks of zero
> > inside the file. The size of these zeroed blocks seems to be multiple
> > of  h'4000.
> NFS is a stateless protocol.  It has absolutely no serialisation or
> ordering in the protocol, so a given set of application writes can
> easily get reordered on the wire (especially if you are running over
> UDP and encounter any dropped packets.)
> The problem here is not ext3, but NFS.  NFS simply does not make any
> ordering guarantees at all.
> Is your application using O_SYNC or f[data]sync to impose ordering on
> the data stream?
> Cheers,
>  Stephen
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