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Re: files disappear in ext3 filesystem

On Thu, Jan 17, 2002 at 05:08:16PM +0800, Mike Lee wrote:
> I met a power fail
> all sub-folders an files in /home folder are disappear.
> and fsck continue to report error in the filesystem.

Can you send us the errors which fsck and/or the kernel reported?
What version of the kernel were you using?  What version of
e2fsck/e2fsprogs were you using?  What kind of hardware are we dealing

You might also want to check /var/log/messages to see if there were
any messages from the disk drive indicating hardware errors (i.e., bad
blocks on the disk drive).

> however, I can see any files and folder in debugfs and can rdump them to
> another folder and format ... and reinstall
> so bad!!!
> Question:
> Can I have a simple way to recover the data without reinstall and format

Normally this isn't a problem; you should needed to do so.  But your
bug report / question is roughly equivalent to complaining to a car
company that "my car stopped working, and the only way I could fix it
was to take it to a smelter, melt it down into scrap heap, and then
reconstitute the car from the resulting metal slag.  This is so bad!
Can you tell me how to fix it in the future?"

And you don't tell the car company any symptoms before you destroyed
it, and you don't even allow the company to look at the malfunctioning
car (since you've already melted it down into scrap metal) when you
complain.  Heck, you don't even bother to tell the car company what
the model or year of the car --- they should be able to figure that
out by mind-reading.

For future reference....  the e2fsck page has a section on "reporting
bugs".  This is also useful steps if you're not sure whether you're
dealing with a bug, user error, or hardware error.  Something else
which is useful if you have a fairly recent version of e2fsprogs, is
to use the "e2image -r" command (read the man page for more details),
and make provisions to send me the raw metadata image dump so I can
investigate what might be going on.

We'd like to help, we really would.... but we need information in
order to help you.  At the very least, please don't destroy the
filesystem until you give us a chance to tell you what kind of
information would be most helpful in trying to help track down the bug
(if bug it be) or cause of your difficulties.

						- Ted

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