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Re: ext3, S/W RAID-5 and many services

Well, I have no kernel message.

I did have some traps (I guess these are messages from a segfault of a module) from the raid5 code to resync the disks after an improper shutdown, but I tracked this down to a failing RAID-array disk. After replacement of the disk, resyncing the array, reformating and restoring the data, I never saw any kernel failures (it's now about 2 weeks, the machine is running constantly and used by 2-3 users in day time for the moment).

Also, my backups are from before the disk failure. How bad can this affect the behavior of the system, if the files I have restored are corrupt ? I should not thwart the FS, should it?

Is there a way to detect failing disks ? (my guess is no, but I still ask...)


Stephen C. Tweedie wrote:


On Fri, Jan 18, 2002 at 04:15:28PM +0900, P. Fleury wrote:

I use ext3 over Software RAID-5, and access this through Samba/NFS/HTTP. From time to time, the machine hangs, no response to any kind of input (ping does not respond, nor keyboard/mouse). Only hard-reset does the trick.

I also notices that 2 of the 7 disks are in UDMA 33, the others in UDMA 100. Does this have any impact ? (besides performance)

If I do not mount the ext3 partition, it runs fine. Any help ?

Can you trap kernel log output, in case there's an oops being reported? If you have a text-mode console, you may have to copy it down by hand. If not, it is possible to set up a serial console and record the kernel output on another machine.


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